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Lab Results
A double blind controlled field trial to determine the extent of periodontal improvement on subjects receiving doses of LEBA III twice a week. The animals receiving LEBA III show a reduction of plaque tartar and calculus. Also, a reduction of gum inflammation was recorded and a general improvement of periodontal condition.

Test subjects using Leba III at 1 dose, twice a week for 15 weeks:

The younger dogs showed a marked reduction of plaque and calculus, less gum inflammation and a general periodontal improvement. Older dogs/cats with heavy tartar and calculus and gum inflammation showed a mild reduction of plaque and calculus.

Test subjects placed on PLACEBO 1 dose, twice a week for 15 weeks:

All dogs and cats showed an increase in the amount of plaque and calculus and some gum inflammation.


We noticed that the plaque and calculus often began to disappear at the gum line. On some animals the plaque and calculus came off in flakes, on others the plaque and calculus softened, turned grey and then came off.

We observed that during the heat and gestation period some plaque/tartar reappeared. At the end of those periods the tartar disappeared with regular treatment of LEBA III.


100% of the animals treated showed improvements. The effectiveness of LEBA III is supported by data gathered at the double blind trials and the field trials. These data reveal that when LEBA III Pet Dental Spray is used according to directions set forth in labelling, it is safe and effective treatment .

For report details please visit LebaLab Inc.
"Spud" - Before using Leba III

"Spud" - After using Leba III

"Dynasty" - Before using Leba III

"Dynasty" - After using Leba III
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